The goal of project

The main objective of the national project is the monitoring of the business environment in Slovakia and in other EU countries by the realisation of surveys and analyses in accordance with Small Business Act for Europe (SBAfE) and in line with principle “Think Small First”.  The purpose of the project is also to carry out needs surveys, to process studies and analyses of the business environment in order to provide recommendations to improve the general SME business climate. On the basis of the detected data is processed the regular and/or irregular reports as well as specialized analyses and studies for Ministries, Academic Sphere and for public information. Within the project are realised conferences, discussions and consultations aimed on finding out the opinion of the entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the project is fulfilled through mainly

  • Continuous monitoring of the business environment focusing on SME
  • Preparation of surveys, development of studies and analyses; creating and maintaining a SMEs databaze
  • Mapping the state and situation of SMEs in terms of applying the principles of the SBAfE initiative
  • Identification and analysis of the barriers of the business development (SME)
  • Comparison of the situation in Slovakia with the business conditions in other countries (mainly in EU)
  • Identification of the appropriate measures for the improvement of the business conditions